Posted by: lukelavan | September 24, 2008

Drawing takes priority

Not much to report today. A busy day, dominated by finds washing and drawing. There is not much digging taking place now, except for a bit of cleaning and two small sondages that aim to recover fill material from beneath the paving. The diggers are still very tired, but doing what work they can, from labelling finds to surveying the city for re-used architectural blocks to compare with those found in our forum. The arrival of a new digger from Berlin, Christina, has made our biggest sondage possible, assisted by Joe Williams. Elsewhere on site planning frames and string cover the paving, as we try to draw all we have uncovered. Breakfasts now reveal our hunger – cake and eggs have replaced bread and jam, and one or two of us even had heavy potato pizza.


Luke Lavan 24/09/2008



  1. Hi Luke Lavan,
    thank you so much for showing and explaining your excavation! I think you did a good job in this first campaign: We have to rethink about late antique life in Ostia, your site already shows that there was much more (building-)activity in the city centre than I had expected.
    Hope you had no more logistic trouble, next time can only be better!
    best wishes,
    Jens Koehler

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