Posted by: lukelavan | August 30, 2009

Photography Begins

The arrival of a new batch of diggers and staff members has raised the morale of the team. Today staff member Lloyd Bosworth began horizontal photography on the medieval walls built over the forum, and our dedicated team of planners drew the same area in super-quick time.

Some of the group have been showing off their artistic skills.

Some of the group have been showing off their artistic skills.

The test pits are almost finished, giving us a clear idea of where not to dig: places where the topsoil is very deep and full of roots. Kelly Madigan, site supervisor, showed us all how it is done, reaching the bottom of a deep test pit very speedily indeed, to reveal a new layer of tile ‘paving’ about two feet below the level of that of forum – perhaps part of the bath building lying beneath our forum. Michael Joyce has also uncovered a major new wall which confirms that a large building complex occupied the area of our forum even from before Trajanic times.
Michael found a new wall today.

Michael found a new wall today.

Luke Lavan has been showing visitors round the site today: tourists mostly from England and the US. Also visiting was the chief of the excavations at the neighbouring city of Portus: Professor Simon Keay, of the University of Southampton, along with part of his team. We really appreciate such visits, which help us to put our work into context and provide a valuable source of advice. However, Luke should realise that he needs to wear his floppy hat, no matter how enthusiastic he might get, as following today’s tours he has burnt his nose and face. At least he now looks a bit more like his lobster-red compatriots visiting the region. Luke’s attempts to attract tourists reached a new level today, as we hosted the first virtual visit to the site via Skype webcam – for Professor Laurence Goldstein (Luke‘s boss) from the University of Kent. The students on site found it somewhat surreal to see Laurence ‘walking’ round the site on Luke’s computer … there is a first time for everything I suppose.

Luke Lavan 30/08/2009


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