Posted by: lukelavan | September 3, 2009

Heat Exhaustion Hits Team

Well the temperature has gone down a bit, but the team are starting to feel the effects of digging in the heat for a week and a half. Quite a few diggers are fading a little and sheltering in finds washing or the air conditioned café during lunch. The heat is not so bad for a day or two, but it is relentless, and the high humidity is draining. Thankfully a new contingent of the team has arrived recently and are providing some relief. They include a finds specialist, an illustrator and an archivist with a clutch of new students from Kent. Thankfully off-site our cooking team is holding up, and they produced, as usual, a slap-up meal tonight.

Michael Joyce's latest discovery.

Michael Joyce's latest discovery.

One of the most pleasant surprises so far is that a delicate mortar level uncovered last year, full of the reverse traces of inscriptions, has survived intact throughout the winter thanks to careful backfilling by Anna Reihle, giving us the chance to record features that we ran out of time to study last year. Elsewhere on site Michael Joyce discovered a dog paw print in a brick and Axel and Alex uncovered a striking decorated block that had been re-used as a paving slab. Axel’s careful examination of each re-used stone is helping us to expand our spolia database for the site and to imagine which demolished buildings contributed material to the construction of the plaza.

A gorgeous decorated block.

A gorgeous decorated block.

Luke Lavan 02/09/2009


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