Posted by: lukelavan | September 8, 2009

Post-holes in the Palaestra


Today was a great day to be an archaeologist. Spirits were high, muscles were working hard and tons of cool stuff was popping up. The crew is starting to work really well together – mattocks and shovels and barrows are all in motion and everything seems orderly. Everyone has the basic skill set they need for the job and speed is naturally increasing. We finished all but one of the 47 test pits and, with the help of our welcome new addition Ana Sanchez, we started to put together a story of the site. We decided to concentrate on cleaning up two areas – the north-west corner between a row of columns and the portico and also in the south, next to our interesting temple/fountain.


There is nothing more exciting that simply grabbing a couple of mattocks and digging into some new archaeology. Both crews almost instantly found the mosaic floor. Following it along, we cleared large areas of vegetation and soil, exposing not only more mosaic floor but also mortar foundations, a part of a staircase, bits of painted façade, a nice piece of worked bone and tons and tons of pottery. On the south side, the mosaic floor has been cut by several large postholes. The postholes, along with some dark stains on the mosaic itself, seems to indicate a later medieval building, possibly incorporating the temple/fountain.


Jenny Fiddes 06/09/2009



  1. Hi everyone! It’s all looking so good! Glad the weather is a little more bearable. I’m loving all the updates and the photos. Keep it up! Vxx

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