Posted by: lukelavan | September 9, 2009

The Big Clean


Today we had overcast weather for the whole morning. This set the Kent director Luke off into a wild panic : conditions were perfect for photography. Thus whole team was roped into the nasty job of ‘photo cleaning’ – brushing dirty rocks to you and me. A large cloud of dust rose above the site, through which Luke, perched on a pillar, tried to get a good shot of the medieval walls and other areas. The team worked at breakneck speed, until the whole area was done. The final photographs were taken in the very final seconds, as the last bit of cloud disappeared and our Mediterranean sun returned.

The photography has allowed us to refine our understanding of the stratigraphic sequence of the site, and to confirm observations that were being made on the ground by diggers. The medieval section now has a series of mini-trenches in it, designed to work out the sequence of relationships between walls and layers found in the area: this will allow us to excavate them in the correct order (youngest first). Already a hole has revealed that one of the brick walls is 13 courses deep, and much better built than we had assumed. It also seems likely that there is a medieval occupation layer on the inside of one of the walls. First, however, we have to remove a big stone robber pit that is confusing the centre of the excavation. One thing does now seem increasingly likely: that we are dealing with 30cm or more of medieval dump ontop of the Roman level, which ought to yield some interesting material.

Luke Lavan 09/09/2009


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