Posted by: lukelavan | September 25, 2009

Addio Americani

We are now doing the back-filling across the site. This involves putting a white cloth (tessuto) down on the site and then covering it with spoil. This is a somewhat depressing process, which resembles putting a shroud on the site, although there is the opportunity to make togas, or to pose as Sarauman the White in Luke’s case. Today is the last day for the Americans. They have made a great contribution to the site, having come (in most cases) from having no experience to a good level of competence in just four weeks. Let’s hope that it is not too long before we see some of them in Canterbury.

Lloyd Bosworth is now trying out our modified version of the Holmes’ Boom. This is a crane-like device which allows horizontal photographs to be taken at speed, permitting a photo mosaic to be established across the whole palaestra area. Just so long as no one gets hit on the head by this camera on a window- washing pole (which is what our version is), everything goes ok,, and the device works very speedily. Luke has finished a final bit of cleaning in the foro della statua eroica portico. This revealed that the floor make up layer is composed of a very rich rubbish deposit, full of bones and large pieces of ceramic – we hope to environmentally sample it next year.

Luke Lavan 19/09/2009


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