Posted by: lukelavan | September 25, 2009

Cuts (and bruises)

A core team now remains on site, of about 7 diggers and specialists, who are trying to backfill and finish off the remaining jobs. New discoveries have not entirely stopped. Luke has revealed a definite cut in the sondage in the façade, which helps to confirm the relative phasing of the forum, by cleaning up a wall. In doing so he found an enormous amphora fragment with two handles and a spout that will certainly be datable. There was also an attempt to photograph the cistern, although this was less successful. Good shots were taken of the well-preserved baths praefurnia under the forum, but the cistern wall as a whole could not be caught in a photo mosaic – it will have to be planned. Axel is still making discoveries in his area, notably about the destruction of the baths under our forum, which he now believes were destroyed in a sudden catastrophe such as an earthquake, before being levelled down. Late phases of the cistern are also appearing, that may by early medieval in character. Here Elizabeth  Pamberg, our pottery specialist may be able to help, as she has identified Byzantine pottery in this area, which may relate to the medieval houses found here.

Luke Lavan 20/09/2009


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