Posted by: lukelavan | September 25, 2009

Exit at speed

Today we tried to store all the domestic and digging equipment in a lockup garage in the west of Rome. Easier said than done. At lunchtime Bill and Luke went off to hire a van. They did this with surprising speed, via the metro and a taxi across the city which allowed Bill to take in a few of the sites after weeks stuck on the road driving from campsite to dig site, everyday since August 14th. We saw the Porta Ostiense, Santa Sabina, and drove up the Janiculum past a great view across the city. Getting the domestic and digging equipment back to the lock up was not easy. A classic Roman thunderstorm made mid-afternoon driving into something of as challenge, as Luke got drenched, as did those working on site. In the end we got all the equipment into the store in time, though both Bill and Michael Joyce had pulled muscles by the end of it.

Back on site the job of back filling is pre-occupying everyone, apart from Michael Mulryan who is accessioning the finds for the depot. Axel is trying out the  Holmes boom on his part of the site and is enjoying the experimenting, though as you might guess, the Germans can think of an easier way of doing this, than with this improvised English device. Provisionally it looks like the boom is working well, especially now that we have a new more powerful remote control: a good photo mosaic is likely to result. Today the German team have started to outnumber the British group – as nearly all of the staff have now gone home or are leaving tomorrow.

Luke Lavan 21/09/2009


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