Posted by: lukelavan | September 25, 2009

Luke goes home

I escaped this morning at 7.30am. Family commitments (my 10 week old son) mean that I cant stay longer though I will return if more remains to be done. Poor Judith was left to backfill the last corner of the palaestra, along with Axel and his team who are trying to get some (dry)  photos of the inscriptions preserved in mortar within their area. But the backfilling was completed and Judith, probably our hardiest digger this year, was finally able to go home. I managed to arrive back just in time to pick up my son Aidan from the Eurostar station at Ashford, after he had spent the month in Paris with his Mum. Aidan is now transformed: he is a little boy who smiles, giggles and looks like his Dad, who wonders quite what the stress of the last five weeks was all about, when there was this little chap to look after.

Luke Lavan 23/09/2009


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