Posted by: lukelavan | September 25, 2009

Wash out

Luke, Michael and Paolo today visited the archives of the sopraintendenza. We were able to find a range of old photographs from the early excavations of the palaestra which provided some details of the clearance work that took place in the 1920s and at other times. We have been able to confirm that no serious records we taken at that time, especially not detailed archaeological plans of the complex, meaning that our work there is not in vain, and is really recording new archaeological features. It seems that the early diggers really were far more interested in the baths. However, we did find out that the columns which now stand upright in the palaestra portico were all out of position when found, some of them being at the centre of the palaestra in a group. We were also able to study some of the statues found in the square, including one of a late antique governor, and also the head of a sheep, which was perhaps part of a mythological group.

The evening brought rain – lots of it. It rained heavily for about 10 hours, leaving three of the tents flooded. The intensity of the rainfall provided some entertainment for the team, although by two in the morning it had become a little wearing, and even more so at four and at seven, by which time it hadn’t stopped raining. Many of us decided to entirely abandon drenched washing, that was unlikely now to dry before departure. This has been added to a growing heap of rejected shoes, which through being soaked or ruined on site are now piling up as rubbish outside the office chalet door.

Luke Lavan 16/09/2009


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