Posted by: lukelavan | November 9, 2009


Oh well, the 2009 accounts always did have to be done. Well … we overspent, mainly on items that we were not able to anticipate, and for which our budgets allowed no contingency. To start with, the poor exchange rate this year took away 1.5k GBP more than last year, and bank charges took another 500 GBP. Then there were unexpected overspends from lost equipment and domestic emergencies (flooding of tents etc). For a team of 34 people battling summer heat and autumn rain on the outskirts of Rome, the figures arent so bad, especially when you consider that we had to justify our grants so closely. However, I cant plan another season at Ostia until the full debt is paid, as the overspend is charged on my own account. Thus if anyone has a fund-raising idea, apart from Tina’s Ostia bikini carwash, please let me know.

Luke Lavan


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