Posted by: lukelavan | August 21, 2010

The Team Arrives in Ostia

Today our international team arrived in Ostia to set up camp at Castel Fusano, 5km from the site. The group includes students from Sweden, Germany, France, Italy, Greece, Canada and the US, which is represented by Doug Underwood, a graduate student from Missouri. We are now setting up camp at Castel Fusano, whilst Doug (above) sets out the site grid for the areas we will excavate in Ostia Antica.

It was a relief to hear that Helen and Bill Laing had arrived safely with the bus … only to be robbed outside their hotel on that same evening. The bus window was smashed and Helen’s bag was taken. Thankfully nothing else went missing, as the thieves were disturbed by an off-duty policeman, though they got away. Unfortunately, Helen is now left somewhat dispirited (below) and without any clothes. She has had to resort to browsing the supermarket sales from some end of season bargins, of assorted types.

Thankfully the insurance have been understanding, and she should have no loss from this. The window is still a gaping hole – through which I got an eyeful of irrigation sprinkler as we passed through a park today. However, otherwise the expedition has been set up more quickly and with less stress than in previous years. We are itching to get on the site, and to get away from scrubbing green mould off the (wet) equipment which we left in our lock-up last September.


Luke Lavan 17/08/2010


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