Posted by: lukelavan | August 24, 2010

The macellum is revealed again

Today the Kent team are close to completing the removal of backfill on the 4th c. macellum (the foro della stauta eroica). This has been a dispriting task, as no new archaeology is involved, and the days have been hot. We cant help remembering with what effort it was all buried at the end of last year. But the diggers have kept to schedule and we will be ready to to take in tourists this afternoon.
We have managed to start the drawing and the geophysics. In the macellum Tina and Jo are drawing a section of the 4th c. colonnade stylobate from within a cistern – hot work. In the palaestra Helen is trying out the magnetometer on a big open area. This will yield results later in the week, but for the moment we are just very glad to have the site grid in place, which Helen is relying on. This has been completed thanks to the hard work of Doug Underwood supported by Tina and Lauren over the past week.
We have also made progress in our archive work – Richard Sadler having identified a new gameboard on the base outside the macellum from a photo, and Michael Mulryan having established a new floor level in the palaestra of of the forum baths. Their work, in the airconditioned chalet on the campsite is just as important as that happening on site, and more discoveries are likely soon.
Luke Lavan 23/08/2010




  1. Already new knowledge and hardly removed the backfill. Great this is going so well. Ray

  2. Love the picture. How many archaeologists does it take to draw a wall?

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