Posted by: lukelavan | August 27, 2010

Finds up and running

Today we sucessfully opened the finds area. Our team of specialists have started work, after we recovered a bag of sherds that was left over from last year, from within our spoil heap. Thankfully the labels (of ‘context 1056’) were intact. Stefano and Helen got straight to work, on the arduous business of pot washing, which led Stefano to identify green-glazed medieval pottery, which will provide some dating for this context which seems to have been a robber trench of stone-hunters.

We are redrawing part of the medieval area of the macellum, as post-ex revealled gaps in our plans. We will also been cleaning for a visit from Christian of the German team who has a wasp-like mini-helicopter for photography, from a high as 100m. It was very entertaining seeing it flying around the site yesterday. The initial shots are impressive and will be useful for publication. Geophysics is progressing well, revealling a number of features in the palaestra. We intend to resurvey, as we think they will be more intelligible at a high resolution (maybe 0.25m intervals)

Tourists have begun to visit the site, taking up our offers of site tours. This brings a pleasant variety of people, from an enthusiastic family from Reading, to a German professor. Their participation lifts our spirits, as we benefit from the enthusiasm that they have for our discoveries. Now that the palaestra excavations are beginning we hope to have more to show them in the next few days.

Luke Lavan 26-08-2010


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