Posted by: lukelavan | August 28, 2010

Main forum reveals restoration and robbing

The main forum south excavations led by Sebastian Matz are expanding beyond the test pits to reveal part of the portico. We have a very fragmentary mosaic floor emerging, that is perhaps 0.5% comnplete, with underlying mortar. This seems to be a similar style to the main mosaic in the palaestra, which we can now confidently say was installed at or after the time the palaestra was made accessible from the main forum, as this mosaic covers areas outside and inside the palaestra. We have also cleared part of the late Roman entrance. However, it seems that we have lost a great many of the surfaces in this area, and that our work here will be main robber trench sampling and trying to make sense of mortar layers.

In the corner of our area there is however a monumental arch, blocked in late antiquity. This was the cardo of the city, so its blocking will be of intrinsic interest in looking at street development during late antiquity. We are slowly getting an idea of the decoration of the area by study small traces in the mortar, and in fragments of plaster and marble that we find. It is likely that we will not have any occupation stratigraphy in this area, and few ancient surfaces, but we should be able to get a stratigraphic sequence of the main events of the area in the next few days.

Luke Lavan 27-08-2010


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