Posted by: lukelavan | September 6, 2010

Photo mosaic success

Our digitisation team are based in a campsite chalet. In a space not much bigger than a garden shed we have 4 computers, and an overactive fridge, which pump out hot air in competition with a rudimentary airconditioning unit. Here the team try to get our plans and photomosaics into publication condition, so that if we make mistakes we can check the site again and correct work.

Today we have got the photomosaicing of digital photos of walls working well. These are being taken by Lauren Figg, who with the wind in her sails can work 30 times faster than a drawing team in producing a digitised plot of Roman concrete walls. We often see her across site, wearing her distinctive leather hat, trying to balance planning frames in awkward places for the sake of a ‘reference shot’ to measure lense distortion. In week or so she will have covered the whole site and be ready to context record the masonry layers.

Today a large new group of diggers and finds processors arrive, which is just as well, given that our first team are partly knackered or sick. We will however miss some of the great workers we have had, such as Julien, Doug, Paolo, Keara and Susan who will now leave. Hopefully they will continue to follow our work and continue to contribute to the project in future.



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