Posted by: lukelavan | September 13, 2010

New Fountain Identified

Today Ana Sanchez got to work on identifying the marbles of the little late temple in the Palaestra of the Forum Baths. As usual Ana managed to do far more than we expected she could. In the morning Luke expressed his feeling that the stones of the original structure had been water damaged, and that the calcinated encrustations on one side looked like what he had seen on nymphaea at Sagalassos in Turkey. By noon Ana’s survey of the metal clamps and other surface indentations revealed the architectural character of the structure, a square raised platform with four columns at the corners and stone screens between them. Luke suggested an openwork screen. By 4pm Ana had identified a matching  early imperial fountain on the decumanus of the city with the same features as this one-  including an open-work screen. It seems that the square really was once a palaestra, with a fountain to serve the sweating exerciser. The transformation of the space into a cultic area, with two temples was perhaps an entirely later development. Ana’ s work elsewhere on site has had similarly positive results: helping Aoife Fitzgerald to identify a range of complex phases within walls which we previously believed were built in a single construction event.

Luke Lavan 13/09/2010



  1. Fantastic, this is very exciting. Keep up the brilliant work and keep posting – we on the other side of the ocean appreciate it. Immensely.

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