Posted by: lukelavan | September 19, 2011

Finds Processing

Devegetation has finished and trenches have now appeared at the four excavations sites.  In the palaestra, the main aim of the trenches is to uncover architectural proof of changes to the site in the 3rd and 4th century, particularly the date of the mosaic which covers the whole square. The trenches have revealed the foundation of a series of honorific monuments set against the portico, and a possible early paving, underneath the mosaic. The finds so far have included glass fragments and wall plaster. A large coin was uncovered and a metal fragment that has the shape of a vessel rim. One of the highlights has been the discovery of a possible well or cistern, filled with an enormous amount of ceramic fragments mainly from amphorae. The bottom of the hole has not yet been found, so further digging is required.

Sebastian in the palaestra well / cistern

What is thought to be a third century spoil heap has also been uncovered and the soil sieved for finds. The majority of these are pieces of pottery. The Bivium has already been excavated in previous years, however the complex nature of the archaeology there means that this year the guys are pulling up the geotextile that sits below the topsoil and protects the evidence below the team are trying to draw new conclusions from the archaeology found in the previous year’s excavation. The stratigraphy is very complex, featuring a basin and opus spicatum flooring from a Republican house. This house was then demolished to make way for a portico on the crossroads. This itself was then replaced by the later nymphaeum. There are also several water channels or drains which intersect and cut each other off, creating a series of building phases which are complicated to interpret.

Joe cleaning the ceramic finds

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