Posted by: lukelavan | October 3, 2011

Thanks and goodbye

It remains for me to thank everyone involved in the Kent expedition to Ostia this year. I am especially grateful to the guys who drove our two buses over the Alps (Zsolt, Joe and Doug), and also to those diggers who ended up doing more than their share of backfill, for various reasons, such as Jay Ingate and Bernard Mulholland. Eddie Luby is, as ever, to be admired for staying back in the camp and providing the team with solid archive support, whilst Doug Underwood has worked himself into the ground on the total station. I am also grateful to the first aiders and supervisors, (Zsolt, Helen, Dan, Sebastian and Bob), who powered the team through to successful completion, and to our friends from the Berlin team, Gunnar and Lena, who looked after stay finds for us which and delivered them to the depot. The generous donations of John Osborn and especially John Beale underpinned our campaign, whilst the grants of the faculty made the purchase of specialist services possible. Finally, I would like to thank the sopraintendenza again, especially Angelo Pellegrino, for what has been a satisfying four years of archaeological work. We are very much looking forward to publishing our results, which, like those of the Berlin team, will hopefully open many new perspectives on life in Ostia in the later centuries of Roman Antiquity.


  1. Wow! It seems to have gone quickly! Can’t wait to see your published results!

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